With the blessing of H.H. Pope Shenouda III, Saint Antonius Coptic Orthodox Church is constructing a Coptic Youth Center (CYC).

The proposed facility will comprise a 16,200 square foot facility housed in two floors: the upper floor will be comprised of a standard indoor gymnasium, pedestals to accommodate two hundred spectators as well as the necessary support facilities. An elevator would lead to the lower floor which will house an industrial size kitchen, a multipurpose hall, several classrooms, a fitness room and cubicles for training in high technology.

The project is expected to cost five million dollars. Funding will be through a loan of 2 million dollars from Chase Bank and the rest will be from congregation members and friends.

Construction is underway and is scheduled to complete in June 2013.

The center is essential to cater to the youth psychosocial needs, further their education, prepare for team work, demonstrate healthy eating and disease prevention, and allow them to attend various lectures and symposia on various pertinent subjects. In other words prepare them to be good Americans.


For Donations by mail, send to
St. Antonius Coptic Orthodox Church
San Francisco Bay Area
P.O. Box 755, Hayward, CA 94541